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Waking Life Excerpt #4

"The quest is to be liberated from the negative, which is really our own will to nothingness. And once having said yes to the instant, the affirmation is contagious. It bursts into a chain of affirmations that knows no limit. To say yes to one instant is to say yes to all of existence." 


Waking Life Excerpt #3

You know, they say that dreams are real only as long as they last. Couldn't you say the same thing about life? See, there's a lot of us that are out there that are mapping the mind-body relationship, of dreams. We're called the oneironauts. We're the explorers of the dream-world. Really, it's just about the two opposing states of consciousness which don't really oppose, at all. See, in the waking world, the neural system inhibits the activation of the vividness of memories. And this makes evolutionary sense. See you'd be maladapted for the perceptual image of a predator to be mistaken for the memory of one, and vice-versa. If the memory of a predator conjured up a perceptual image, we would be running off to the bathroom every time we had a scary thought. So you have these serotonic neurons that inhibit hallucinations that they themselves are inhibited during REM sleep. See this allows dreams to appear real, while preventing competition from other perceptual processes. This is why dreams are mistaken for reality. To the functional system of neural activity that creates our world, there is no difference between dreaming a perception and an action, and actually the waking perception and action. 


Waking Life - Excerpt #2

"Creation seems to come out of imperfection. It seems to come out of a striving and a frustration. And this is where I think language came from. I mean, it came from our desire to transcend our isolation and have some sort of connection with one another. And it had to be easy when it was just simple survival. Like, you know, "water." We came up with a sound for that. Or "Saber-toothed tiger right behind you." We came up with a sound for that. But when it gets really interesting, I think, is when we use that same system of symbols to communicate all the abstract and intangible things that we're experiencing. What is, like, frustration? Or what is anger or love? When I say "love," the sound comes out of my mouth and it hits the other person's ear, travels through this Byzantine conduit in their brain, you know, through their memories of love or lack of love, and they register what I'm saying and they say yes, they understand. But how do I know they understand? Because words are inert. They're just symbols. They're dead, you know? And so much of our experience is intangible. So much of what we perceive cannot be expressed. It's unspeakable. And yet, you know, when we communicate with one another, and we feel that we've connected, and we think that we're understood, I think we have a feeling of almost spiritual communion. And that feeling might be transient, but I think it's what we live for."


Waking Life - Excerpt #1

"The reason why I refuse to take existentialism as just another French fashion or historical curiosity is that I think it has something very important to offer us for the new century. I'm afraid we're losing the real virtues of living life passionately, sense of taking responsibility for who you are, the ability to make something of yourself and feeling good about life. Existentialism is often discussed as if it's a philosophy of despair. But I think the truth is just the opposite. Sartre once interviewed said he never really felt a day of despair in his life. But one thing that comes out from reading these guys is not a sense of anguish about life so much as a real kind of exuberance of feeling on top of it. It's like your life is yours to create. I've read the postmodernists with some interest, even admiration. But when I read them, I always have this awful nagging feeling that something absolutely essential is getting left out. The more that you talk about a person as a social construction or as a confluence of forces or as fragmented or marginalized, what you do is you open up a whole new world of excuses. And when Sartre talks about responsibility, he's not talking about something abstract. He's not talking about the kind of self or soul that theologians would argue about. It's something very concrete. It's you and me talking. Making decisions. Doing things and taking the consequences. It might be true that there are six billion people in the world and counting. Nevertheless, what you do makes a difference. It makes a difference, first of all, in material terms. Makes a difference to other people and it sets an example. In short, I think the message here is that we should never simply write ourselves off and see ourselves as the victim of various forces. It's always our decision who we are."


Requiem of a Colloquial Soliloquy

I stood there, alone, swallowed by the darkness, rain pouring down,
staring, staring at what was left of me, lying there on the ground,
blind shock coursing through my invisible veins, trying to remember,
remember, what path I took that would see me dismembered,
and was there pain, or simply nothing, those memories no longer flow,
and that I will no longer grow, this makes me furious and so I grow
a hundred times the size of normal
whispered howls of one immortal
destined then to roam the planet
breaking things like plates and granite
they say to go to the light - well can it
'cos thats not how it goes, oh no,
theres so much more that you don't know,
from my perspective, I see things
the meta-world,
no peace indeed,
i talk to no one, my cries unheard
when all i want's my solo words
to fly high and chirp so sweet,
a bird is nestled at my feet
the feet that do not touch the ground
I hover and make rustling sounds
but no one notices, nobody cares.
so i try remembering things that I've done in my life,
was there really truly that much strife?
was life as hard as i made it seem?
its seems much simpler from this side of the screen
but its ok though, you get out what you put in, and whatever. nothing can be done now, there's no such thing as a time machine right? and even if there was, where does that leave me? I'm now outside of the realm of space and time (for the most part) so even if time and space could revert back to a restore point, would I be able to go back and jump back into the old home like the old days? i doubt it, leaving just a shell, just like that magic shell chocolate syrup that you put on ice cream and it hardens, its like a shell with cold sweet nothing inside of it. maybe, maybe thats how it works. I guess i have eternity to ponder it. while im here though, might as well check out the exotic places that i didn't check out back then. Ill start with Egypt - those pyramids are quite intriguing and I'd like to find out more about them.


Colin Kaepernick....

Just became the highest paid QB in NFL history. As a 49er fan, a Kap advocate, and an experienced Fantasy Football player (hah), I think that this move, while overpriced based on experience, was something that needed to be done one way or another. His ceiling is super high, having only started for a 1.5 seasons and making it to 2 NFC Championships, and one SB. He's got one of the strongest arms in the NFL,  is one of the fastest QB's in the NFL, and is physically capable of bringing a team to the next level. He needs to work on his progressions and his decision making, and he'll be right there where the $$$ is. Plus, in 3 years this contract might just be the norm - better to lock in a player of his caliber now then let him shop for other deals later.

YOU THE MAN KAP!!!!!!!!!!!


Chalk Art in Denver CO, so many awesome pieces!!! This one most represents my current mindset ;)

Today, June 3rd 2014

Today is my birthday, the 27th year that I have been on this planet.

What's more, today is also Alan Ginsberg's birthday, an intriguing fellow who wrote a critical poem/letter that shaped my young adult life more than a decade ago (though it was written a lot longer ago than that). An abstract way to deliver a serious and radical message -- that was my biggest takeaway when I first read the piece. While there are tons of incredible writers and minds on this planet, to be able to express your thoughts in almost cryptic ways, so much so that it becomes something more than art, but it is art in itself, abstract poetry of insightful expressions, where the art truly protrudes from it, while at the same time capturing an idea or ideas that are real and here -- that is true magic.

The title to this masterpiece is Howl, a piece that I memorized when I was 15 and recited to a class that I had in high school. Time certainly flies.

Here is a snippet of Howl, in tribute to the birth of Mr. Ginsberg. Cheers!!

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,
angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night,
who poverty and tatters and hollow-eyed and high sat up smoking in the supernatural darkness of cold-water flats floating across the tops of cities contemplating jazz,
who bared their brains to Heaven under the El and saw Mohammedan angels staggering on tenement roofs illuminated,
who passed through universities with radiant cool eyes hallucinating Arkansas and Blake-light tragedy among the scholars of war,
who were expelled from the academies for crazy & publishing obscene odes on the windows of the skull,
who cowered in unshaven rooms in underwear, burning their money in wastebaskets and listening to the Terror through the wall,
who got busted in their pubic beards returning through Laredo with a belt of marijuana for New York,
who ate fire in paint hotels or drank turpentine in Paradise Alley, death, or purgatoried their torsos night after night
with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares, alcohol and cock and endless balls,
incomparable blind streets of shuddering cloud and lightning in the mind leaping toward poles of Canada & Paterson, illuminating all the motionless world of Time between,
Peyote solidities of halls, backyard green tree cemetery dawns, wine drunkenness over the rooftops, storefront boroughs of teahead joyride neon blinking traffic light, sun and moon and tree vibrations in the roaring winter dusks of Brooklyn, ashcan rantings and kind king light of mind,
who chained themselves to subways for the endless ride from Battery to holy Bronx on benzedrine until the noise of wheels and children brought them down shuddering mouth-wracked and battered bleak of brain all drained of brilliance in the drear light of Zoo....


Noam Chomsky...

...once wrote a sentence as an example of one that is grammatically correct, but semantically nonsensical.

The sentence is:

"Colorless green ideas sleep furiously."

To me, this is a truly beautiful sentence, and one that really touches close to home, as many of my thoughts are made up of such abstractness.  It's funny how famous this sentence is, written in 1955, because of the way that it feels like it should make sense, the grammatical pieces of a sentence are there, but really it doesn't make sense, so they say. When in fact the sentence makes perfect sense to those whose minds see in the way that the sentence lives. Sure, colorless green ideas, where an idea should not be able to be both colorless AND green, but those who say that are of the feeble hearted, those who have not visited the deep palindrome of one's infinite dreams, created then and only by they who dwell within it. Such a sentence in such a place aforementioned is commonplace, a dull observation in such an extravagant universe.

That is all.



In those days folk still believed in... #qwikRite

Famous Line: "In those days folk still believed in..."
5 Words to use: Kooky, Backpack, Somersault, Hiccup, Goofy
10 minutes...BEGIN

 In those days folk still believed in love at first sight. It was as if, for some reason, when a person looked at another person that they had never seen before, something within them became magnetized, fireworks within their heart, and it was all over for them. Sometimes, this whole 'love at first sight' notion happened between two humans that had seen each other before, just not in a long time, thus defeating the purpose of the whole premise. We know now that this is obviously not a true statement, or something that actually happens. We humanoids have evolved past the time when Love was something that would make one act foolish, or GOOFY, or KOOKY, or some other pointless feeling, which got those Y2K humans into so much trouble. No, this is not something inherent, but make believe, a way to give one meaning when that meaning was being evasive. Like doing SOMERSAULTS down an escalator of a crowed public mall -- as this exerts one's masulinity, we do not rely upon such act to find a mate, as that is discovered by the Sorting Hat. There is no reason to tie love or strange feelings into a relationship that exists solely for the procreation of our species. Simply HICCUP into your mate's mouth, a simple flick of the forehead, and presto, a fetus begins to grow from the BACKPACK that the male carries around. What more needs to be said?


hahaha. I have no idea, so don't ask.

Full famous line: In those days folk still believed in witches, and trembled at a curse.

Whoa, wayyy different direction. Love it.


Garbage Trucks (c. 2007)

Garbage trucks.  Hormonal lottery of the urban waste, picking the luscious fruit from the garden of anguish and horror, though it shares a boundary line, an infinite one-dimensional entity that sums its existence to less than a single piece of litter, the breeze merely a tiny whisper of Mother Earth, a fluttering hymn that tells the stories of all of time, sometimes a deep melody, an account of the scars that have grazed the epidermis, the muscle, the bone of our very dear planet; on its tongue the trash rests, in and around and out and between and during and under and through and after and before it knows and can see or believe, it becomes itself apart of the toxic the clutter the empty pizza boxes the rotting food the trillions upon trillions of streaming data that exists between and around and within us, every moment that passes, our minds experience this by the thousands, the millions, the billions, the trillions, the googolplex search engine that anyone can use, and many do use it, but alas; Ex Square Triangle Circle in a Diamond Club Spade Heart of Gold Silver White Black as Night Day for a Walk Run Swim Dance in the Clouds Rain Water Bottle Drink Flow Release Repeat the First Second Third Eighth Ninth Eleventh but not the Seventh Son Unique Antique as a Rock Mountain Forest Dinosaurs Our Mind, brought to us in an instant, when we as creatures were ready, had evolved to a stage, had become ready, ready for the necessity to Think Reason Doubt Feel Believe Lie Love Hate Regret Cry Welcome Create Destroy Ponder Wonder Imagine Dream Wink Explore Forget Remember Play FUCK Dance Swing Laugh Protect Invent Win Lose Smoke Drink Hurt Bloat Kill Demand Accept Judge Bother Deny Purchase Sell Listen Taste See Feel Hear, but not only as any other creature can use its senses, but to grasp with the intellect what we perceive, what we Hear Think See Feel Taste, to know it and register it and understand it, to remember it and tell stories about it, to decide on it, to change your mind about it, to feel differently than another about it, to live it, that moment, forever captured, your life a script from your eyes, to be seen and interpreted by only that which is the `I’, the thinker, the intellect, the you that makes you, but as a computer the brain like a program runs as a stream of data, can it be discovered, access to ones mind, ones soul, or simply the physical brain, where memory may be stored, to create films of all intellects lives, and non-intellects, the animals the fish the dogs the spiders the caterpillars the bunnies the jellyfish the lions the birds the rhinoceros the bat the bear the elephant, all minds eye in a file, on record documented and kept locked, and  we are watched, and we are no longer the free will we were given by God, by The Supreme Infinite Being, The Creator of the universe, for a Bang so Big does not happen on its own, an illogical concept, for if one can truly understand, know, grasp the concept that all effect must have a cause indubitably, then in effect the effect of the start had a cause that caused the effect in effect, for no cause to cause an effective effect can not not effect the effect that was caused by the cause; the point remains, and can be reflected upon, like a graph of symmetry, which is a concept from the language of our Universe, our Cosmos, our all encompassing Dimensional Field of existence, speaks slowly to us, eases us through and through, and slowly teaches us, guides, us, and we understand more, we translate the language better faster harder stronger, we read the language of the Infinite, but to what avail? IS there reason to reason, to implore and explore, to discover and progress, where do we head? What is the sum? In the night, Bumps find the heads of those who cannot find the way through the labyrinth, twisting path of uncertainty and mystery, but one continues, for at the end lies _____. And then what? One must head back in the same direction one came from, the exact same route to take you to the exact same spot where it all began, and one can try it again, on a track like runaways, always going, never stopping, unless they deem themselves safe, and when this is so, it can never remain.  In the beast of the belly one may find oneself, the liar a companion, your only friend, for eternity and change, and the light is gone, and the dark prevails, but not because of what it is, but because of what it lacks.

-   Tyler Benz 2-20-2007



Many thoughts racing through my mind, one hundred miles per hour, kilometers per second, feet per foot, never ceasing, always active, of life and love and creation, to manifest art in such a way that it defines the essence of my being, explains who I am deeper than I ever could do in simple English, or Spanish, or spoken word, and so I feverishly jot down loose thought to paper, to digital parchment, to remember those fleeting ideas that may or may not have purpose, but to forget is definite uselessness, a pity, a shame, but to write them is to preserve them, and so those thoughts collect dust and pile high, higher still, kept secret when they should really be shared, viewed, other pairs of eyes to glance them and more than likely brush them off but still it is better than no eyes ever glancing them, a transference of raw thought, perhaps a seed to grow within another's mind?

I am in the process of writing a novel, and for better or worse I WILL complete it, one way or another.


My [archived] Dream Jounal


I used to keep a dream journal, waking up and writing in it numerous mornings all throughout college; with dozens and dozens more dreams feverishly written, only written on paper, to be later lost in the hazy madness of moves, life, noir mysteries, fire, bourbon, rage, et al. 168 dreams total, of varying lengths, genres, pathos, a hodgepodge of craziness if I'll be perfectly honest, though it suits this very blog, and very much so, in that I did indeed Create Infinite Dreams, worlds in my mind, universes that contained and still do contain beginnings and endings to those universes just as our universe began and WILL end one day.




Every Time a Child Says #qwikRite

Famous Line: "...Every time a child says 'I don't believe in fairies'..."
5 words to use: Soggy, Eavesdrop, Screech, Tail, Chatter
10 minutes...BEGIN

Every time a child says "I don't believe in fairies", somewhere deep in the heart of a magical forest a young fairy dies. This has become quite the problem in most fairy communities, and it wasn't until recently that the fairy prominent Board of Magical Fairy Overseers was able to gain insight on why this 'spontaneous-fairy-combustion' was taking place (because, these fairies that are dying do not just clutch their little fairy hearts and fall over, oh no by no means is this the case; instead, the little fairy, upon a child's uttering of that awful string of syllables, begins to moisten until they are SOGGY with magical sweat, their teeth CHATTER uncontrollably and are unable to stop this madness, even when fairy-strangers grab them and rush them to the cute little fairy hospitals, and by then it's almost too late, for they begin to SCREECH a downright disturbing sound, soft at first though no less horrible, until it is like a nuclear plant siren sounding off, the whole community experiencing the wretchness of it all).

What tipped off the BMFO was the fairy god-mother of a young boy living in the north-western United States, somewhere south of Seattle. She rode in on the TAIL of a tabby kitten, on her way to visit her great fairy god-aunt Amirosa, who happened to be the fairy god-mother of a young girl who happened to play with the young boy on occasion. Well, as the fairy god-mother of the young boy and her great fairy god-aunt were caually sipping fairy tea, EAVESDROPPING on the two children playing with some Pokemon dolls, when they both heard the young boy say to the young girl, well, you know those words to which i refer, and almost immediately after the utterance, the fairy god-mother gets a call on her Galaxy S4 Mini, from a friend of a friend who lived in the same magical tree grove as she, and this friend of a friend was lost for breath and rambled on but it could be interpreted as another  'spontaneous-fairy-combustion' and it was at this time 


Oh so fun. I can feel the influential tug of the current author's book that I am currently reading. A true masterpiece it is "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace. Actually, a separate blog post should be dedicated to my thoughts on this book, because it is insane and incredible and remarkable. and 1000 pages long.

The full famous line: Every time a child says "I don't believe in fairies" there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.
Peter Pan, by James M. Barrie

(the fairy dying was the logical route to take, i promise i didn't know the full line!!)


I Shall Ask For Brains #qwikRite

Famous Line: I shall ask for brains instead of.....
10 minutes...BEGIN

I shall ask for brains instead of the black heart that has been placed upon my plate. He always gives me the black heart!! That, or the limbs or muscles, but no matter what he always keeps the brains for himself!! The one time that he let me taste the sweet, sweet mind muscle I was STUNNED; it was the most delicious, flavorful morsel I had ever encountered. And to think, that was simply PENGUIN brains that he let me eat! And years ago I might add. We have climbed the food ladder to date, only eating the finest of meals. It is hard times for most, but he always keeps a fresh supply in the cellar, such a wonderful man.

I know that I have been a KLUTZ of late, and I know he resents me for it. I resent myself most days, but the hunger never ceases. I don't know how he does it. Carving an ingenious path through these brutal times, his followers praise him indubitably; kissing the floor beneath his feet. And here I am, taking up space, my weak body always hungry, always sick, such a MEAGER human. Perhaps that is why he hasn't eaten me yet, perhaps that is why he keeps me alive. It does not bother me, but at times I do resent those whom he chooses to feast upon, to enter his golden body to bring to the heavens. The first time I saw him select a follower to take with him, I got very FAINT. We all watched as he delicately took apart the body, until only the soul remained. Insane, but in a lovely way. It was 


Whoa. Donno where I was going with that. I have zombies on the mind, what can I say?

The full famous line: "I shall ask for brains instead of a heart" from The WOnderful Wizard of OZ, by L. Frank Baum.


--Life is Beautiful


Out of the Dark #qwikRite

Famous Line: Out of the dark we came, into the...
10 minutes...BEGIN

Out of the dark we came, into the burning sun. We had been below the Earth's surface for more than a year now, and the initial impact of the Sun's powerful energy nearly swept us off of our feet. It was as though a bomb had exploded within my mind; a surge of hot white radiation blew through me, causing myself and the others to freeze where we stood, as motionless as the statues that surrounded us. The wind whipped across our faces and bodies, and we came to realize that we had a lot less strength than we had thought.

Normally Charlize would play her TRUMPET to signal first rise, which meant that it was time to inject the gruel into our belly buttons, but not today. After weeks of voyage up the gargantuan underground passageway leading away from our beloved citadel, we finally reached the surface of the planet, something our kind had not done for a long time. Normally, we are a GABBY race, lots to talk and think about, lots of emotion to relay to one another. On this day, our minds were silent, uncomprehending of the world around us.

In the shadows of the enormous God-like statues, I saw something equally large lurking. Frightened but intrigued, I managed to take a step in the direction of the mysterious creature. It moved slowly, and I felt it's eyes watching me all along. And then suddenly it POUNCED, it's massive body hurling through the air until it landed on poor Charlize, who had not a moment to realize what was happening. The SCRUNCH Charlize's bones made beneath the creature was also, something that will haunt my dreams forever. It then rushed at me, and would have destroyed me if I hadn't stumbled over broken marble and onto a wet marshy patch in the ground. Still, the creature clawed my face in passing, which was sure to leave a memorable SCAR across my forehead. On the ground, I tried to think of my next move, but couldn't, probably because there wasn't enough time to think of an escape plan. I leapt off the floor


Wow that was pretty fun! didn't think I'd get all the words in either!!

So this 'Baffle Gab' game is sort of directed towards famous children's literature, which I wasn't aware of. Not  that I knew where the famous line in this piece came from. I used what it gave me (it gives you a piece of the famous line), but to finish the famous line, it goes "Out of the dark we came, into the dark we go". From King Solomon's Mines, by H. Rider Haggard.



Back in Action

Well hello again, it's been far too long.

After roughly an 18 month hiatus, I have decided that my creative semi-prowess has been bottled up long enough and thus I shall use this blog as an outlet once again. It's not that I stopped writing, it's that after 365 straight days of pumping out poems, I fell into a mode where I could and would just write at my own pace, not at the pace of the Earth as it spins on it's axis around the incredible radiant star known as the Sun. No, it turns out that creativity cannot and should not be dictated, it should simply flow from within.

I wrote many other poems in the past 18 months, the majority (if not all) directed towards a woman who fell into my life as 2011 came to a close. While her emergence into my life directly correlates with the disengagement of this very blog, that is not to say that she is uninspiring; quite the opposite. She is and has been my Muse from the very beginning, helping to funnel my creative energy in a multitude of ways. It just took me a year and a half to realize that this blog is a fun way to get my thoughts out in the mental datasphere.

The first activity that I wanted to try out, and something that I hope is successful enough that I will want to continue doing, it, stems from a fairly simple game called Baffle Gab. The idea of this game is to write a (very) short story beginning with a 'famous line' of some sort and using a mix of 5 adjectives, verbs and/or nouns. I'm going to give myself 10 minutes for each story, stopping as soon as the time is up. There's not much more than that. I'm going to call this activity #qwikRite **highly subject to change since that's dumb and the first thing that came to my head.

So, I begin my reemergence into the blogger world with a constructive game to help get those creative juices flooowwiinnnn.



2011 - Day 365

As this year comes to a close,
Winding down that shadowed road,
Sit on back and reminisce,
Your hopes, your dreams, all that you wished.
How you feel about last year,
Overcoming what you fear,
Those you met on random nights,
Exploring all the views and sights,
Experiencing the good and bad,
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
Every day learn something new,
Little things and big things too,
Again, to think of all the fun,
Under the stars and in the sun,
A whole new year now waits ahead,
So say the things that should be said,
Don't be afraid, this is YOUR life,
Always rise above the strife,
Most important, those you know,
Relationships are meant to grow,
Friends to be and friends forever,
Just remember-
Never say never.

2011 - Day 364

Sleepless nights not in Seattle,
When every night is like a battle,
To wish, to wish upon a star,
Knowing that the distance far,
Thinking hard and getting nowhere
Sometimes Christmas trees are so bare,
Want to keep the lights turned on,
Want to sing a Christmas song,
Looking forward optimistic
Twenty twelve a year to risk it,
Snowing, snowing everywhere
On the slopes of the Big Bear.


2011 - Day 363

In the meadow, in the sun
Where pretty flowers blossom,
There sat a girl
A gorgeous pearl
Who made my life more awesome,

I walked up close and sat on down
She gave me a sensual hug,
She held out her hand
And something did land
The most beautiful of all ladybugs.

2011 - Day 362

The king of cool
Calls upon the fools
To do his work
His living tools,

He sits around
Watches the clowns
As they all clean
And dance around,

He sips his wine
His crown does shine
While they all sit
In dirt and grime,

Can they stand tall
Together, all?
To fight the power
Answer the call.

2011 - Day 361

Is no Utopia
Instead a place
Where they might rope ya,
A sad place indeed
With foreigners greed
Controlling the land
Forget children to feed.
Will change this nation
With animals endangered
A species deflation,
So what can be done?
From where we are from?
Can pray for the best
Sand burns of the sun.


2011 - Day 360

We made it home
We're safe and sound
Best part of all
No Creeper crown,
Time to sit
And vegetate
Think on the weekend-
In three days time
Back on the road
To see Big Bears
I hope it's cold,
But for now
We can relax
And pile gifts
In mega stacks.

2011 - Day 359

I wake up this morning
I lie there in bed,
Remember the evening
A large smile spreads.

A crisp Christmas dawn
The sun slowly rises,
Her glow is amazing-
Life's full of surprises.

This Christmas I asked
For nothing at all,
Instead I was given
The best gift of all.

The Christmas eve party
Way too much fun,
Then ended the night
With THE thirty one,

This one is special
I can already tell,
Life shimmers before me
I'm under a spell.

The day just beginning
A skip in my step,
Ready for anything
Including a nap!

2011 - Day 358

Forty Niners will win big
On this Christmas eve,
If they don't and somehow choke
I'll standup and leave,

So much on the line today
For them as well as me,
I'll have to post a horrid note
And beers must shotgun three.

So lets do it red and gold
Hit them where it hurts,
Shatter them and bring the thunder
The Seahawks all wear skirts.

2011 - Day 357

In the scheme of things
We dream of things
Like scaling mountains
Or flying sans wings,

Its great to say
That I love to play
Subconscious realms
Show me the way,

We learn from them too
The things we can do
A limitless mind
Discover the You,

Then when I wake
The lessons I take
To show the world
The things we can make.


2011 - Day 356

SO much to do
Around the town,
Inside my house
Things to be found,
Those floating thoughts,
Then untie
Those floating knots,
Two deep breaths
And then again,
A little more
Till fun begins.

2011 - Day 355

Days away
Up to the Bay
It's Christmas time
So time to play,
But not too much
And don't be naughty
Else Santa comes
With a loaded shotty,
Fold my clothes
And pack my bags
But be prepared
For minor snags,
Brush them off
And keep on moving,
I'll never stop
I'll keep on grooving.


2011 - Day 354

Nerf Gun
Lots of fun
Round and round and round we run,
Russian Roulette
Drive a Corvette,
Laughing and playing right under the sun.
Fight Club
Pop the bub
Hit me as hard as you can you scrub,
Egos to alter
Never will falter
Falling and flailing down into the shrubs.

2011 - Day 353

In the spotlight here tonight
The Niners face the Steelers,
We're gonna stomp them outta here
In this game no team's realer.

Big Ben might play but not full speed
And Harrison is out,
With our defense fired up
Just need to run our routes.

Eleven and three how great that will be
Much closer to locking the two seed,
The playoffs at last, I can't wait for the Pack
We'll turn Rogers into bird feed.

2011 - Day 352

In the wake of the mistake
That I made on the lake
An unfortunate event
That I cannot retake,

We were stationed out there
No worries, no cares
But what would you know
Here comes a polar bear,

Now on our small boat
While we sit and we float
I think to myself
How nice a fur coat!

So I pull out my gun
Wait for big bear to come
Then I shoot him down
Until he is done,

Then I drag him on board
And tie him with cord
Then I hack him up
With Arthurs lost sword,

The bear turns out to be
Hairy naked Santa --
No more Christmas for me.

2011 - Day 351

Elephants are best when white,
No matter what you believe,
Been to two with two to go
To give and to receive.

So far I've ended with a candle
Peet stolen from under my nose,
I also got a flowery runner
Which I thought was some sort of clothes.

I hope I get some better stuff
Cos what I've got won't cut it,
Somthing useful, something fun
I don't wanna pretend that I love it!

2011 - Day 350

Basketball in fantasy
What wonders do await?
Rushing quickly towards the city
I hope that we aren't late!

Just in time to settle in
And grab a brew (or two),
Preparing for the draft is hard
When you don't have a clue.

When it's done we look around,
The other teams we gauge,
Now to wait for Christmas Day
In the meantime, let's RAGE!


2011 - Day 349

We walk along the ocean's shore
Leave footprints in the sand,
The dolphins laugh and play nearby
Life's great when we hold hands.

I look at you, you look at me,
Our love insatiably grand,
Nothing matters to me -- just you.
Life's great when we hold hands.

2011 - Day 348

More like metrosexual,
Identify my skeletal
Put pussy on the pedestal-
So says a friend of Steve Carell
He worked so hard but then he fell,
And now he'll live his life in jail
Electronics he'll never sell
Or hear the ocean from a shell
Just sounds of whistles and of bells
No longer drinks from the top shelf
He'll never have that kind of wealth
But that's what happens when your health
Is EXTRA extraterestrial.

2011 - Day 347

Listen to me
Little birdie
Let me tell you
Somethin dirty,
Sittin here
All actin flirty
See a girl
Who's real purty,
Walk up to her
Say wassup
Whatchu drinkin?
Fill her cup,
We walk out back
To my ride,
I'm talkin Benz
I get inside,
Later on
Back at the club,
Kinda hungry
Go get grub,
See a dude
About to fight,
Knife his chest
He sees the light,
Get back home
Jump in my bed,
Close my eyes
The color Red.

2011 - Day 346

You don't have a soul,
You don't have a soul,
If there's one thing I know
You don't have a soul.

What is the 'You' which has not a soul?
Does it climb to tall peaks
Or climb down deep holes?

Will It ever know the You
Will you ever know what's true?

You don't have a soul
You ARE a soul, the soul is YOU.

Instead a Body's what you've got,
Short or tall, cold or hot.

Treat it with much TLC
Else we'll whisper RIP.

2011 - Day 345

A box of chocolates
Simply described,
A simple engraving
With your name inscribed.

Thanks for the chocolates
So many kinds,
Kind of like life is

2011 - Day 344

Seven shiny suits of armor
Chasing after me,
I'm so scared I run and hide
And in my pants I pee.
If they find me I'll be toast
They'll butter be right up,
They chop my head off gleefully-
Turn it into a cup.
So I shiver where I hide
I hope they go away,
But the suits all have no souls
So they are here to stay.
I hide until I can't no more
Come out with my hands high,
They see me, grab me, extract my tears
I can no longer cry.

2011 - Day 343

I miss you.
Your voice lingers in my head,
Over and over and over again,
Thoughts of you so beautiful
Did I ever tell you? NO
Instead I wanted more and more
To see what else life had in store,
Now you're gone and I am here
A single selfish diamond tear.
I miss you.

2011 - Day 342

Working out before the end,
The end AND the beginning,
A whole new year with all new goals
You bet your ass I'm winning,
Keep it up don't ever stop,
Like Sonic grab the gold rings,
Then fight the boss and beat his ass
That's the way I do things.


2011 - Day 341

Running running
Falling down,
Block that unforgiving sound,
Get back up and
Keep on going,
Never stop until it's snowing,
Flakes of gold ice
Flutter down,
No more horrifying sound,
Instead the soothing
Ocean breeze,
Head back inside or else you'll freeze.

2011 - Day 340

Championship game
Tonight on the lawn,
We've waited a week
Our brains vs their brawn.
We've only lost once
And it was to them,
But this time around
Their season we'll end.

2011 - Day 339

A pocket full of sunshine
A pocket full of change,
A pocket holds my wallet and
The last one's quite deranged.
Every time I put my hand
Deep into that pocket,
It bites and snaps and grabs at me
Then asks me if I'll walk it.
No way! I say then stomp away
I rip those pants right off,
But then the ants
Crawl in my pants
Somehow I got the pox.

2011 - Day 338

My membrane
Is insane
In heavy rain
See candy canes,
I feel no pain
Like playin' games
My bloody brain
Brings me much shame,
Put picture frames
On window panes
Watch Major Payne
Love watching flames
Love Lois Lane,
But if I stay
Nothing to gain.

2011 - Day 337

Now's the time
She whispers softly,
Your time to shine-
It will be costly.
Forever more
And ever after
Your days are numbered
But filled with laughter.
Until the light
Does call your name
Bring peace to all
Bring fun and games.
A positive touch
On all that is real,
And when you lay down
How great you will feel.

2011 - Day 336

Searching for a four leaf clover
All throughout the yard,
If I find it I'll be lucky
And life won't be so hard.
All the kids out on the playground
Like to point and laugh,
Just because my glasses thick
And I'm good at math.
The clover though has properties
A lucky and magical leaf,
If I eat enough of them
No longer have that grief.
There they are! I pick a few
And grind them into tea,
An hour later my heart stops
They'll no longer laugh at me.

2011 - Day 335

Rolling rocks down asphalt streets
Aiming for parked cars,
A kid with pimples full of diamonds,
Shining like a star.
If you ever want to borrow
Some of his bling health,
You can come on by tomorrow
Mode must be on stealth.
While he sleeps creep up to him
Find the biggest whitehead,
Pop that pimple make him bleed
Run back to your own bed.
Check the diamond, is it real?
How does it look, how does it feel?
Turns out it's not a diamond though
Now out your face pseudo-diamonds grow.


2011 - Day 334

In my juicer I put things
Like pears and lemons and kale,
All together ground right up
There's no combo that will fail.
Good for me and tastes good too
I swear I'm not insane,
I'll keep on juicing for my health
Thank you Jack La Lanne.

2011 - Day 333

The aftermath
Much faster mass
Equations tell the tale,
Expands with math
Gains volume fast
The moon no longer pale.
Instead it shines
In reddish lines
Dark matter all around,
And when it finds
The unknown signs
Will calm the strangeness down.

2011 - Day 332

Dear Mama,
Until the End of Time
Picture me Rolling,
Lord Knows
Against All Odds-
Keep ya Head up,
Life Goes On
Better Dayz,
Only God can Judge Me
Starin Through my Rear View,
This Life I Lead
Still Ballin,
Still I Rise --
California Love

2011 - Day 331

One small step for all I know
Giant steps for all the rest,
I've reached a mental foreign place
I've been put to the test,

For all the strength inside of me
I'll need to muster more,
To face the last existing piece
A nightmare ever more,

As soon as I complete my quest
Return to where I dwell,
But where small steps can turn fatal quick
The big ones summon hell.

2011 - Day 330

I open up the letter that
You wrote me long ago,
I kept it hidden all these years
Afraid of what will show,
First sentence makes me smile,
The second makes me mad,
The third one makes my heart beat fast
But the last one makes me sad.
When I'm through I cannot move
I sit and stare and think,
You were here for an eternity
But gone before I blinked.

2011 - Day 329

They take off the locks
Wipe the dust away,
For months we have watched
Is this here to stay?
So it appears
But never for certain,
Says the wise Stern wizard
Sitting behind the curtain.
The Great Golden State
Waits patiently now,
A bit shorter season
We'll win it somehow.

2011 - Day 328

To spend a day with those you love
It doesn't get much better,
But then to watch the Niners lose
My eyes don't get much wetter.
Oh well who cares? The others say
It's only just a game,
My day won't be the same.

2011 - Day 327

Oh marmalade I sing to thee!
How fair thee smells to I,
Mellow citruses engulf thy heart,
If only I could fly.

Oh grape jelly I sing to thee!
So tasty and so purple,
A surplus of ways to apply you to food
Not worthless - you be worth-FULL.

Oh peanut butter I sing to thee!
You be the light in my heart,
I scoop by the handful this sticky gold treat
Eat for breakfast to get a strong start.


2011 - Day 326

I take a capsule up to space
I don't know how the future tastes,
The sky is dark
The moon does shine,
The future seems
So far behind,
Around once more
We sail near
The futures touch
We hold so dear,
And thus begins an endless search
To show how much the futures worth.


2011 - Day 325

Our free cells
Playing Freecell
We have free will
Whatever we feel
Don't ever be still
Forever be real
Embrace the sweet deal
Protect your weak heel
Use a steel shield
Life in a sea shell
Will always feel well.


2011 - Day 324

Gold rush fever
Far and wide,
Expanding through the season,
The ball is rolling
Run and hide,
The Niners need no reason.
At the top
Two big cheese states,
A battle much befitting,
We're in control
We decide our fates,
We'll stand while they are sitting.

2011 - Day 323

I have a car
I'll drive it far
Just to be with you,
I'll raise the bar
Wish on a star
I have your lost glass shoe,
I'll make my way
Until the day
My life begins anew,
My thoughts don't sway
My heart's sun ray
I hope you feel it too.

2011 - Day 322

A waterfall echos
Off the membranes in my ears,
Each droplet
Of crystal life liquid
Seemingly distinct
From the next,
A delicate pattern
Nature's nerverending story,
Shouting from it's highest point,
The wet words dripping
To the depths below.

2011 - Day 321

A journey deep into the Heart
Of Darkness,
A strange land,
Forbidden and secretive,
Enchanting and enticing,
Discovering worlds,
Refracted lights
Innermost secrets,
A vacuum to words of hope and life,
To appear in darkness,
But to hold
A faint light
From within.


2011 - Day 320

I'll stop the world
Melting slowly,
Before the main course
Before the dragons
Rule the land,
Before the forests
Turn to sand,
Before the zombies
Roam the streets
Looking for
Our brains to eat,
Before anarchy
Free for all
And government
A heavy fall,
Before I ever
Got to meet you
I'll stop the world
So I can see you.


2011 - Day 319

It was written in stone
Carved straight to the bone,
The meaning of life
Are the words that were shown,
Erosion and corrosion
Act as Time's erasing potion,
A millennium and more
Swept the words into the ocean,
Now all dazed and confused
Take advantage and abuse,
We find our separate paths
Some will win while most will lose,
The script we won't play out
We don't know what it's all about,
Is it for better or for worse?
I guess we all will soon find out.


2011 - Day 318

Live half a life,
Then after life
In the afterlife
Look past your life,
Did you have some some stressful strife?
Did you have an awesome wife?
Were you extra extra nice?
Or your soul as cold as ice?
With only half a life
Split by a poisoned knife
Your life
Wasn't life
After all.

2011 - Day 317

Up so early
Rise and shine
The day ahead
Such fun fun times,
Driving northward
To the game
Destined to win
We'll bring the pain,
Raiding cupboards
Full of snacks
I can't believe
There's candy racks,
Drinking beer-o
Bumping jams
I'll be your Hero,
Lots of meat
We'll leave our bum friend
Some to eat,
On our way
We're almost there
They pat us down
It's time to cheer,
We head on up
And up and up
Keep moving to
The very top,
But it turns out
Our seats an omen
As we unveil
The great RC Owens,
The halftime show
We're on the big screen
We dance around
Let off some big screams,
The NINERS play
We clap and yell
The New York Giants
Can go to hell,
The final drive
A stressful one
But then it's over
The NINERS won!
Back to the car
We wait in line
But we don't care
The NINERS sublime,
My throat is sore
I'm super tired
But I can't sleep
Cos I'm super wired,
Another day
Wonderful fun
Wonderful friends
Under the sun.

2011 - Day 316

In the midst of chaos,
A whimsical cat purrs
A lullaby,
Settling insight outside
While the mystical hat stirs,
Reading the thoughts of thoughts,
Thinking thoughts that they thoroughly threw away,
And in chaos,
The minds eyes still
But Time's cries real,
A facade hiding a hint of a mystery,
Enticing you to taste the stale mints of history
As the clock ticks forward,
One second at a time,
A linear passageway
To an inevitable end.
But in chaos,
Only in chaos,
To move perpendicular
Down a road not traveled once before,
Of infinite direction.
And choice.

2011 - Day 315

Thoughts colliding
In my head
The thought of you
My face turns red,
In every way
I want to see
You everyday
When I wish
Upon a star
I hope to turn
And there you are,
Instead I turn
There's nothing there
And life goes on
Without a care.

2011 - Day 314

Finding out
The day before
That death will come
Knock on your door,
What would you do
Where would you go
The end so near
The sky so low,
Do you wait
Scared in your bed
Or face head on
Your own life's end?
Spend some time
With those you love
You'll always watch
Them from above,
Your last breath
The final mile
But on your face
A peaceful smile.


2011 - Day 313

Everybody from the three one three
Please put up your hands
And follow me,
You wanna see what you can be
In the dome of the free?
I'm the white guy,
Abnormally fly
When I rise like the tide
Watch the tall waves collide,
I take pride
In your demise
As you ride
By in the night
By the light of moon's bright
Reflecting sunlight,
But it's over you go hide,
I'm with your girl sit side by side
You thought that she was shy
But my oh my how she glides,
Then in the blink of an eye
I'm gone - let out a sigh,
I'll be back when it's all dry
Said my professor from DeVry,
And aliens in the sky
They decide
If we live or die.


2011 - Day 312

Energy never dies,
It simply changes it's form,
It comes and it goes
And it shrinks and it grows
The power to weather the storm.
Give your energy wings to fly,
Let it loose, stand up and be strong,
If you curl up now
You'll never know how
To fight for your right, not the wrong.


2011 - Day 311

Come original
You just have to,
Otherwise all might be lost,
To copy a copy
Is unoriginal,
The price of your soul is the cost.
Won't do, no no, won't do.
It's bad, sad sad, it's bad,
Be you, be you, be you,
Your own fad, yes yes, your own fad.
So come original
To my party,
Everyone will be there,
The theme is to show what describes you,
Originality if you dare.

2011 - Day 310

Connect the stars in your mind,
As the ancients once did long ago,
Within your minds eye you might find
Constellations with origins unknown.
The stars are really all spaceships,
Flying slowly right towards the Earth,
When they reach here we'll all be gone though
They prepare for the next great rebirth.

2011 - Day 309

Sapphire Moon in her mystical way
Does shimmer and swirl exotic,
From a far away land right into my soul
Cures stresses and plagues like bubonic.
Every time that we dance in the darkest of nights
Sweet perfumes expand through the room,
Her touch is ice cold, but you always want more
The next time that I'll see her is soon.

2011 - Day 308

The essence of sleep
Journey to the unknown
Never want to leave
A universe
Where there's no home.
Develop the story
On your own terms
The characters molded
You teach and they'll learn,
Explore your inner eye,
Your mind over matter,
For what else does matter
Become the Mad Hatter.

2011 - Day 307

Today I saw a bird fly south,
Fly south into a brick wall,
It's skull broke wide open
It's screams not forgotten
I shouldn't have made that bird call.

2011 - Day 306

Funny how some words do rhyme,
While others sit not so sublime,
Can't rhyme with an orange so I'll have a lime
But beware of the gross purple slime.
A typical song has much rhyming,
But there's also much musical timing,
The band works hard but the singer is shining
There's way too much nickel and diming.

2011 - Day 305

Amber is the color of your energy,
Muddled with greens
In flares of anger,
And blues come
With ice cold stares,
The darkest of purples when jealousy strikes,
Then obsidian glides
With quiet peace of mind
No color-
The color is rare.

2011 - Day 304

Midnight train never leaves the station,
Won't take you anywhere,
You sit and wait in purgatory
No expression, without a care.
You thought that if you boarded now
You would be whisked away,
Instead you fell into a trap
A pipe dream, as they say..

2011 - Day 303

Put the phone next to your ear-
Can you hear it?
Can you hear?
The tumor growing on your head-
Will it kill you?
End up dead?
Technology is good and bad-
No more simple to be had?
As the waves fly through our skulls
Is the cup empty or full?

2011 - Day 302

In a flash all around
The sounds, oh the sounds,
What started off sparkling
Gave way to more rounds,
As the rounds went around
The less I was found,
Till I reached breaking point,
The King I was crowned,
More shots that we downed
I was more like a clown,
No spots were all black
Shade more like a brown,
So around and around
Walked all through SLO town,
Surprising to me
How tight I was wound,
I fell on the ground
I howled like a hound,
But at the end of the day
Good times all around.

2011 - Day 301

Thanksgiving this weekend
It's Halloween fun,
Share memories with friends
Downtown we will run.
The weekend beginning,
Most not dressed up yet,
Tomorrows the big one,
The Candyland set.
Till then we rage hard,
Like nothing else matters,
The King is to Benz as
B-Rabbit to Mathers.


2011 - Day 300

In almost every single case,
The anticipation we face
Beats the actual race,
An adrenaline waste.
But when it involves SLOCREW
We're all gonna show you
That what we do is so true,
We're the party to go to.
The day after three hundo
We're gonna have fun yo
Call us "We Bring The Fun Co."
In memory of the trip with the Chrysler Three Hundo.


2011 - Day 299

A routine is sometimes needed,
Without which we are lost,
To head on back down that other road
The paths don't always cross.
If I live to a strict script
My body will be happy,
My mind will likely get bored quick
The situation crappy.
If I do whatever I please
The TV rules supreme,
My fat will melt into the couch
So I'll live somewhere in between.

2011 - Day 298

Nobody is perfect, at least so they say,
Except for that girl that I'll meet one fine day,
Right now she is elsewhere, living her life,
Till our soul magnets connect and I make her my wife,
The day that I see her, I'll know that it's true,
I've been waiting my whole life to tell her 'I do'.
For now I'll be positive and live life my best,
This girl is my vision, my journey, my quest.

2011 - Day 297

Four seasons live in one full year,
Each one a different interest,
Most places are effected big time
In Cali there's no difference.
First there's Spring,
The flowers bloom,
The land turns green
Will get hot soon,
Summer's scorched
Lot's of bikinis,
Get buff and tan
I hope they see me,
Then comes Autumn
Also called Fall,
So do the leaves
And basketball.
Last is winter
The family season,
Holiday time
Gives us a reason.
Me? I like them all the same,
In Monterey, season's are tame.

2011 - Day 296

Lightening and thunder
While they rescue down under,
The king of the lions no match for the beast,
His prize is the beauty
While Fievel doesn't go east.
So many animated classics exist,
Too bad Walt Disney's a racist exorcist.
No make sense no matter, what do I care,
You read it you hate it I count it so there,
In case you missed it, Pixar's over there,
Haha you idiot, you just thought of my underwear.
I apologize now for what's written above,
But I'm sad cos I only have one turtle dove.

2011 - Day 295

A sparkling blue sky, dancing in the wind,
Colorful globes of light, mesmerized,
In rhythm to a spiraling coil without an end,
Follow paths of old, in dust,
All through time's history,
Leading to new memories
The next step to be a mystery.

2011 - Day 294

I'll be your distraction,
Whatever I can do,
Helping you forget the things
That make your world gloom.

I'll be your distraction,
Tell me what you need,
Let me guide you through the fog
Your troubles will recede.

I'll be your distraction,
Until the end of time,
The thing to me that matters most
That you forever shine.


2011 - Day 293

The sound of waves echos in my ear,
I hold the shell close, reminding me of you,
Always hoping that you might again appear.
The way your head would rest gently on my chest,
The secrets that you never confessed,
The way your face glowed beneath the moon,
Your subtleties,
Oh if I could only see you soon,
Your smile, that melts away the snow
You give the trees in spring
Reason to blossom and grow,
The day you found this very shell,
A memory, one I'll always know
I'll hold it close forever,
Can never let it go.

2011 - Day 292

Each time you move to the left
I do the opposite,
As if we exist in perpendicular worlds.
The truth is,
I'm your reflection,
A sentient being if you don't mind,
Designed without purpose
Destined for greatness.
Move with me, as I you,
To the dance of un-time,
Till we meet in the middle,
You as me
And I as you,
And never again.


2011 - Day 291

Today I walked by, as I always do,
But I missed you both more than I usually do,
So I walked to the couch as I sometimes do,
And I sat down and sighed, as I rarely do,
Then I cried and I cried, which I never do.

I got up and walked out, the day not yet finished,
I hope that our friendships will never diminish,
I wanted to tell you it isn't the same,
A big piece is gone, I have both you to blame,
But as long as you both are quite happy I'm good,
I'll keep on without you if you think I should,
Until we see each other again,
To MS and LO, a couple great friends.

2011 - Day 290


Headed to Aspen, escaping the Gas Man,
Where beautiful women
Instinctively flock
Like the salmon of Capistrano,
No food, no jobs...
According to the map only gone 4 inches,
Driving an '84... Sheepdog.
So you're telling me there's a chance...

2011 - Day 289

Ecstatically elated with an eager glowing essence,
Fanatically obsessive for the future of our franchise,
Through six we've got five, this week on a bye,
We'll come back with power, I feel so alive,
Exciting times now if you come from the Nor,
A comfortable lead with the help of Frank Gore,
We won't settle for less
We want more more more more!

2011 - Day 288

It started with my fingernail,
I painted it deep black,
I moved on to the next dead cell
Till all my nails black.
Slowly then I took the paint
I rubbed in on my skin,
Up and down both of my arms
My stomach, thighs and shins.
I kept on coloring myself,
No way now could I stop,
Paint myself black from head to toe
Then decided to go shop.
I went down to the local mall
Went straight to the Starbucks,
I ordered a double americano,
Till some guy said 'what the F&$#',
He chased me down and beat me up
He thought my gag was tasteless,
I don't think he realized
I wasn't being racist,
Black absorbs direct sunlight
The entire color spectrum,
I represented unity
But now I feel like red rum.

2011 - Day 287

I'm running, quicker, heading for red bricks,
I'm lunging, wind resistance, this is my only fix,
Break through and move along,
You watch yourself from up above,
Out of body, out of mind,
Swiftly turn the hands of time,
Before they stop to catch a breath,
Run until there's nothing left,
You will thank you eventually,
The only way you're truly free.


2011 - Day 286

I hate being sick
It makes me feel sick
That I'm sick, a sour sick taste,
Medicine man
Come give me a hand
Please help wipe this frown off my face.
Missing work is not enough
I also miss our first game,
No touchdonws for me
Only get up to pee
I better feel better tomorrow.

2011 - Day 285

Transcendence in the form of creation
Everlasting tides of love,
The will to lose and love again
In It's simplest form.

Bring to me, a wisp of hope,
A breeze of certainty,
A path of unwavering confidence
A lifetime of genuinity.